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Young Architects Group Sharing

UPSOP presented Timber Scooper at a YAG event organized by AIAHK at Lan Kwai Lau. Much feedback were received from the crowd!

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AIA Honors & Awards 2015

AIA Merit Award and Sustainable Design Award
We are thrilled to share the news that UPSOP received TWO awards form the American Institute of Architects Hong Kong!

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10 Day Fest & Asian Consortium 2015

UPSOP presented and exchanged ideas at the Asian Consortium 2015 with 100 other Asian social innovators! Our project is being exhibited at 10dayfest at PolyU.

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Shooting day!

Full day shooting at Cocoon, Common Ground and Cyberport for our upcoming product!

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We are hiring!

Position: Design & Fabrication Assistant

We consider physical making crucial to the development of our ideas. Translation between digital and 1:1 mock-ups is therefore inter-wined in our design process. We are looking for candidates with the following skills:

- Strong design talent
- Strong passion for making
- Able to model design and manage production
- Fluent in Rhino, carpentry and prototyping
- Excellent communication and organization skills

If you are interested in this appointment, please send your CV; work sample/ portfolio; and salary expectations to:

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In Progress - MDS #2

Fabricating our improved mark 2 with taps and notches for the Mobile Display System. Plus a mini version this time!

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Own a piece of recycled teak!

We received a lot of compliments about our up-cycling project for the salon. Thank you for the support! We hope the spirit of practicing green has reached you well with the rustic gold and brown palate.  To continue the momentum we have created this name card stand to let you own a small piece!  Interested? Click here for more information.

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UPSOP is shooting photos for the completed salon. With the ability to view shot photos on Ipad on-the-fly and using professional-grade gears including tilt-shift lens, we were able to capture high quality photos with instant decision making for framing and composition. 

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Profiling Completed

Profiling of backing beams completed - 200 number of triangular plates with pockets for concealment of fastenings and embedding of metal angles. 

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1st Spindle Test

We assembled the hardware for the CNC machine in a day, and spend another on figuring out the earthing of the mainframe and the 3 phased electricity. After days of setting up here comes the long awaited first spindle test!

Went off well but more tuning to come. 

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